Monday, January 3, 2011

new beginnings

I'm pretty much opposed to New Year's resolutions but that never keeps me from making them. My resolve dissolves about now... so no spectacular life changes to report!

I think about stuff though... and some things have been floating around for awhile and really need to happen. I'm not talking about goals to accomplish in a year (but one of those will be mentioned later...) More like thinking about the person I want to be, and just being it instead of taking all these little steps. I want to live every moment being true to myself and values.

Yes, I want to lose weight. The only way I'll do that is if everyday I make little choices that make me a happy person. It never happens when I write down '2 lbs/week' and it really, really doesn't happen when I plan on walking or yoga first thing in the morning- for reallies this time! Cause you know what? I only think that right before falling asleep and then it's all happy dream time. Then I wake up abruptly because of someone's alarm or a little girl's footsteps running in to beg me for cereal.

So, I'll be less hard on myself. I'll log the daily successes. I'll keep a mental record of all the nice things that are in harmony with MY harmony!

But I did make a little commitment... My friend Stephanie got this crazy idea that we should finish up all these projects and stashbust during 2011. Then it got really nutso when we started a group on Ravelry to support our efforts. To date, 194 people joined our madness! YAY! There is something so affirming in knowing you are not the only insane person. So basically, we pledged to finish up 111 creative projects- things we've already started, new projects, and silly wishlists... whatever needs to get done, we will do! I have no problem coming up with new stuff to do, it's those old things sitting around- being all abandoned and taking up space- that I'm really excited to deal with. I haven't made an official list yet and I'll mention some non listable things I've dealt with on here.

Another thought. I've been waking up and listing in my head the five most important things to do each day. Thank you, Amber! Then when I go to sleep, I think of the five most important things I DID each day. They are wildly different lists and are really a lot of fun to think about right before you go to sleep.

So here are some mini goals for this week:

Cook dinner every night (I actually did a menu plan and bought groceries and have recipes... yay, me!)
Finish up all my spinning projects that are unfinished (111)
Swatch all my mittens for my owl (I don't want to explain this- if you don't know, I'm not telling you!)
Cast on my East Meets West bag (111, but credit given only when the whole thing is finished!)
Dye some yarn for the shop, once dye gets here

Here is what we ate last night:

Mushroom and Barley Soup
Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Ng LOVES them!)
French bread

oh, and Black Forest Cake for dessert. I've got to stop eating dessert... someday!

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