Monday, November 15, 2010

YAY! A new start!

I'm starting my new year a bit early and doing a little prep work.

You'll understand soon enough.

Anyway, I'm reorganizing and cleaning up and making my life my own instead of making excuses.

What can you expect?

Well, I'll be sharing little things I'm doing to make my house a home. My successes and failures. My crafting and creative endeavors. And recipes. You'll probably hear a lot about the family as well. I'll also post my inspirations and update info for my etsy store: YoungerYarn and once I figure out how to add nifty counters and links and stuff like that, I'll add that too.

I will also try to capitalize more. And use proper grammar so the Texas doesn't come screeching out and make your ears bleed.

And I'm starting now. No pics today, but I have to share. I ordered some household stuff from Alice last week. Today a beautiful box showed up at my door full of goodies. Now, there is a lot of debate about shopping over the internet vs. local vs. big box. Let me justify this to you. I HATE Walmart. I hate driving there. I hate being there. I don't like the company. I live in a tiny town. We have two smaller grocery stores and a health food store. I don't mind going there, but the cost is outrageous. I'm going to meet in the middle here. I will stop going to Walmart and spending money on things I don't need that get thrown in the cart for some reason or another. I will go to the smaller shops more, using the money I saved by not buying CRAP to buy things that I really need only. Alice fits in here: there are a lot of things these small stores don't carry (washing soda, etc!) and it saves me from driving off my little hill and spending money at all the other little places along the way (this means you, Sonic!)

So this is what I got:
toliet paper! exciting!
parchment paper
washing soda (told ya!)
dishwashing soap
kombucha (can't find it anywhere in town!)
umm.... things to prevent another little being coming into our lives...

What will I do with all these things? I'll spare you on the toliet paper and the condoms, but the rest will come to play later. Especially the washing soda and the parchment paper.

So, off to do what I need to do. Show and tell to follow...

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  1. Parchment paper.... well that's intriguing. My favorite use so far has been for rolling out cookie dough and not getting a messy rolling pin out of the deal.