Thursday, January 13, 2011

The missing pieces

Nothing really extraordinary to post lately.

We've had a lot of leftovers, so no food pics. I made pralines but I didn't have a candy thermometer, so they look kinda sad and camera shy.

Mark ripped out our 'pantry' last night. It's just one step closer to my dream kitchen! We have to take baby steps for money reasons (we are cheap!) and it also lets the project sink in a bit and you really appreciate all the effort and change that is happening. Plus, it gives me time to think about function as well as form!

I've decided to go with white walls. I'll pull in color from other things, like curtains and an accent wall or two in the dining area. I think this will make it easier in about 5 years when I decide I like a different color. That happens a lot... always has and I've come to accept that it always will!


Well, I finished Mark's handspun hat. It's really soft and squishy but needs a good soak and block so the fibers bloom. I used all but about 3 feet for the hat. I over spun the yarn quite a bit so I'll be running the other skein back through the wheel to relax it. Both of my OWLs were approved. I've gotten a bit done on the four pairs of mittens, but the East Meets West bag is still just sitting there are glaring at me. I've spun up several hundred yards of laceweight shetland and I'm going to full it in the next few days. I'm trying to keep my hands out of water because my knuckles are cracking and bleeding.They are so dry! I imagine that dunking yarn into steaming hot then ice cold water would do me no favors, even with gloves on.

I'll try not to be so lazy and have pics for you next time!

oh! and a funny little thing. Ngaio is in a really aggressive mood today. She came into our bedroom this morning with her fists up in the air and her nose all squished up (her comical angry face) and said "You wanna piece of meat!???!?!?!?"

oh so cute. ok, she's cooperating, so you get to see her cute face:

I think the Hello Kitty pajamas really tell you she means business!

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