Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some food and other nonsense

I'm waiting for photobucket to get my phone pics.

Since I'm making all this effort in cooking, I've been really good about taking pics of what I make but not so good at posting, so this will have a couple of foodie things.

Monday was supposed to be oven baked chicken on a nice big salad, but Mark read the title as pan fried to me, then I looked at it again and saw pan fried- so I pan fried the damn chicken and it was supposed to be breaded ans seared THEN baked. I knew I turned the oven on for a reason. Whatever. It was good. Just chicken in flour then egg, then breadcrumbs (supposed to be panko but I didn't have it!). We sliced it up on some romaine, cut up some tomatoes, added ranch... oh, I even toasted some pecans (a little burnt!) and put them on top. It was pretty tasty.

Ngaio kept asking where the brussels sprouts were. Weird kid. She loves lettuce though. She also ate a whole tomato and got a nasty rash where the juice dripped down her hand. She cried a bit, but I don't think it will break her tomato love.

Last night I cooked soba and mixed it with lightly sauteed cabbage, mushrooms, peppers and onions. I added some sesame ginger salad dressing, tossed it around and VOILA! It was really yummy. Ngaio went crazy with the mushrooms and once again asked where the brussels sprouts were.

Weird kid.

In knitting news, I have TONS of crap on my needles. Since I got all finishy on my projects, it pains me to have more than three things going at once.
I have four pairs of mittens started!
A HUGE colorwork bag, that isn't cast on yet- but needs to be
A pair of socks (1.33 of 2 complete!)
A pair of leftover yarn socks. They are pretty cool. I tend to start these then quickly rip them out. These bad boys are keepers! I'm about 75% into the first one.

Ok, maybe that's not so bad. It's just all the damn mittens taking up precious needles.

I spent most of yesterday balling up the yarn in the sock yarn drawer. I was able to fit a couple more skeins in and now they are so pretty and lined up. My OCD clapped its hands and squeed! I'm thinking the reason I don't use the yarn so fast is because I don't want to pull out the swift and winder for one little ball. No excuses now! I'll have to take a pic of that right now. one sec...

The drawer above and a few bags on top are full of sock yarn too. I'd like to get it all into one drawer this year... someday... maybe never. I really love sock yarn. Can ya tell?


  1. oh my goodness will you come and cook my dinner tonight?

  2. i drool in the general direction of both food and yarn. also, hah! i get to be your first follower!