Friday, June 1, 2012

I finished the socks!! Hooray!

It was a pretty fun construction. I will be doing it again- totally. Except backwards- like cuffs at both ends.

So I made this long tube with the toe decreases along both ends (used magic cast on and then kitchener stitch at the other end.)

Then I blocked the heck out of the tube. I used my lace wires along the edges to get them nice and straight. Or mean and straight. But not crooked. (Ok, maybe a little. It's handspun. There is always crookedness!)

Then I marked the middle and where the heels go (two inches short of total foot length from cast on/bind off)

and I CUT.

I didn't cry. I thought I would freak out, but it was pretty easy. I took a lot of care to thread the waste yarn in correctly, so the stitches didn't come undone.

Then I used some leftover Trekking XXL for the cuffs and heels. Piece o' cake. I used a length of the handspun in the cast off to make it a little bigger so it wouldn't be so tight. It didn't really live up to expectations, but it is still a nice cuff.

And he likes them. And totally deserves them after the week he had. He's getting some bright green, blue and purple ones next. They will be my summer 'knitting-at-the-movies-in-the-dark' project. And yes, cuff to cuff...

The yarn? Well, I'm glad you asked. It was from FiberFancy on Etsy. The colorway was Garlic and Herbs. She has a similar braid called Mustard and Herbs on BFL right now. I'm sitting on my hands, but I will totally enable you to go buy it. It was really nice to work with.


After: supa thin single, n-plied for awesomeness.

Up next? I don't know. Ngaio and Mark have taken over my wheel. I haven't gone this long without spinning since I got the wheel. Maybe I will just rest up for Tour de Fleece? Hah. I don't think I can last much longer. $50 says I start something tonight.

Knitting- yeah. I have a lot going on there. We will leave it at that.