Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lace and socks. What else is there, really?


You'd think I would give up on this whole blogging thing. Maybe you think I HAVE given up already... NOPE!

I just forget. I forget a lot of stuff. Even the really important stuff like birthdays. And names. And due dates (both human gestation and library books. It's all fair game!)

I could make some mega post featuring all the stuff I've been doing, but that's just nuts and it makes my brain hurt. So I'll just share a few things.

It's all topical today. Nothing deep or profound. No wisdom. No secrets.


So I spun this yarn, like, a year ago. It is some mulberry silk something or other with noil in it. It was HARD to spin. Silk is rough on your hands and catchy enough to remind you how rough your hands were in the first place- before its deceptive strength wears down grooves in your joints and makes you bleed.

But it was a fun spin... really.

I think I ended up with almost 900 yards of the stuff, which is pretty awesome. I knew I wouldn't make a MASSIVE shawl again or anything using over 800 yards or so- so I decided that only using one of the skeins wouldn't be a total waste. I just can't do the HUGE lace stuff any more. It gets boring and those last rows with 2000 gazillion stitches make me want to cry. Or give up knitting. And I didn't want to do either.

So about half got me this little shawl. The pattern is Ysolda Teague's Damson, which is a favorite of mine. I haven't totally decided who it needs to go home with yet... but Ngaio sure looks pretty in it! She begged to keep it until I reminded her that she asked for a pink one. Stupid me, now I have to make a pink shawl.

I have another Ysolda project on the needles now. It is Barley Sugar, a brioche stitch oversized cowl which I will be using Alina Shea Creations Fairy Dust lace yarn for. I promise photos- as soon as there is anything more to take a picture of. Right now it is a weird looking provisional cast-on and some funky rows. I'm also working on a pair of socks for Mark. They are a different construction than usual- I've been taking progress pics so I can walk you through them when I finish up completely. You know, don't count your chickens... they may not work out. But so far, so good!

I've also finished spinning some more lace weight- It is still drying a bit, but I got a quick pic! Ngaio has claimed this yarn too. Notice how little pink there is- the girl shows no discretion! Once again, I've spun a TON more than I will use at once. But that's ok. The two braids belonged together and they just naturally made thin yarn, so I went with it. 4oz each of BFL/silk blend from NaturallyKnitty and Shadawyn Fiber Arts.

Pretty, huh?

Yeah, so that's it for today.

Ok. I gotta go cook dinner or something. Ugh.