Monday, July 2, 2012

it's getting there...

A bunch of stuff has happened since last time.

Our area suffered a HUGE fire. Almost 45,000 acres. It was pretty scary. Lots of homes lost- lots of perspective gained though. More on that later.

Health issues- but surgery this week should leave Mark right as rain. Some perspective was gained there as well...

On a more topical note I've been cleaning and decluttering a lot. A LOT. Which started before all the fire stuff and the health stuff. I'm so inspired by simple living and minimalism. Since I've started getting rid of stuff and letting go my stress and anxiety has been greatly improved. Evacuation due to fire- I'm cool with that. House burnt down? (it didn't...) I'm cool with that too. Because I have everything I need. My family is so much stronger now that June has happened. "June" was just one major event. But a cleansing one. And I'm grateful for the lessons learned and that we are all safe and sound.

This simplicity started several years ago. Slowly weeding out the unnecessary... but still bringing in tons more than we needed. I replaced several toxic cleaning products. I got rid of as much plastic and synthetic stuff as I could. Learning about gardening and sustainability...  It will continue to be a process. I'm ok with that. I know firsthand that cold turkey doesn't work well for me in most cases. Lately I've been upping the game though. I have a great urge to finally get where I want to go. It is not so easy with Ng and Mark in the same house. We don't have identical philosophies. Mark seems more sentimental than me. One weekend with my parents RUINS Ng. Well, maybe not ruins, but her wardrobe and toy stash increases. So frustrating.

I think my lesson in this is to focus on myself though. I've started a cleaning schedule based on the FlyLady system and it is really working for me. I've noticed that Ng doesn't have to be asked to clean- or at least not begged to pick up her stuff! Mark has always chipped in a bit- so that wasn't much of an issue. My issues with him have quieted down- like the bathroom mirror, counter and the pee that guys get everywhere even when they say they don't... well, not so much of an issue since I'm cleaning it off everyday and it doesn't build up. So I'm finding a peace inside of me. I'm making peace inside of me! A lot less martyrdom- which runs in my family, I think... heh.

Honestly, I would just get rid of it all and wash my hands of this stuff, but that's not an option. So I'll keep moving along and maybe someday Mark will throw out more crap that doesn't matter and Ng will only keep what she really plays with and maybe my parents will stop trying to buy her love... maybe. Maybe we will all agree on a 'no-spend' month (or 12!) and cut out all the sugar... even ice cream, MARK.

Until then, it's been a great ride. Even if I'm the only one who knows we are on it.

moving on...

Tour de Fleece started yesterday! For those who don't know, basically you just spin fiber everyday during the Tour de France. I could honestly care less about the actual race. And the challenge of spinning everyday doesn't really matter either because I do it everyday anyway (therapy!!)

This is what I'm working on now... it is Polwarth/silk from Two if by Hand. drool...
Resting on the bobbins are two plies of Spunky Eclectic Romney (Beans) and Gotland (Robin Red Breast) to make a three ply sock yarn for Mark.

This whole yarn thing is ruining my minimalism. I can deal with the fiber and the handspun. I think it stays true to my goals, but the commercial yarn I own is out of control. Hmmm.... maybe Mark will clean out under the bed if I get rid of my yarn... one can dream. It would be a small price to pay. Lol. Maybe not.

I have some thinking to do.

Love to you all!


  1. Love the FlyLady!
    The feeling of doing instead of dreading the doing is so freeing.

  2. I'm glad June is over too! What a crazy month!

    I admire your attempts to declutter and minimise. I'm doing the same and it always feels good when I can eek out another bag of whatever to send to the thrift store. My next goal: somehow convince Max to get rid of his stupid dvds! (Not all... The classics can stay.) But seriously, Netflix and Redbox were created for a reason right? Lol!

    And as to yarn guilt- I've given myself permission to NOT feel guilty for yarn I already own. Yarn I want to buy, however- I totally need to rake myself over the coals for that!

    P.s. Your handspun looks lovely!