Thursday, July 25, 2013

No posting does not equal a bored life

nor does it mean an overly exciting life.

Yes, it has been busy. Yes, it's been boring at times too. It's not that there isn't stuff to write about or stuff that I don't want to write about... but the writing/sharing has been the last thing on my mind.

We have chickens now!
6 became 5. And now we have a bear issue to deal with. And a fence that is currently taking over my usual photo taking spot. As I went out to take photos today I caught a squirrel in the coop. Even with a camera in my hand I was ill-prepared. Ngaio fell down inside the house while running for her rain boots to come and see... and then the squirrel was too damn fast anyway. The chickens didn't seem to notice their visitor but were quite excited to see the camera.

I could flood this post with all the projects I've done in the past few months- but that ain't gonna happen. So here is what is on the needles right now (well, it is one of the projects. I'm not monogamous!) We can just take it from here and see what comes.

Speaking of monogamous knitting, I've actually become WAY more prudish. Everything seems to be slowing down for me. I prefer to focus. Hell, I NEED to focus. I like enjoying every little stitch. I've been really concentrating on making useful things that fit well or serve a purpose. Or, that's what I keep telling myself. Stripper tea cozy aside, I want to make things that are not a waste of my time. Did I lose you at stripper tea cozy? Yeah, that happened, but I don't want to post it. Go look on Ravelry if you really need to.

What's next? Well, I'd like to finish that tweedy pullover thing pictured above. I have a colorwork hat soaking and another on the needles that may get frogged due to color choice issues. I have another Ishbel shawl as my travelling knitting but I'm at the lace section now so that's gotta change! I have NO socks on the needles. What?? Yeah. None. My last pair was a sport weight exercise of improper fit and eye rolling. And I have a lot of socks anyway. Ng just got a new pair this month and will likely be the only one getting them in the near future. That could all be a lie. It would not surprise me in the least if I logged off and cast on 5 new pairs all for MEEE!!! Or- God, forbid- I cast on another pair of handspun for Mark. Actually, I can safely say that will not happen.

What's really next is me trying to clean out my knitting basket, making some tough decisions (1st world problems- ARGH! This green yarn is not the exact shade that matches the other green yarn in this hat that nobody needs or wants...)

Oh well. The garden is green. Rain is falling. Chickens will soon be egging unless a hungry bear needs them more than we do. We are all healthy and fairly happy most of the time. I really have no complaints. Other than I need an iced tea.

Life is good.

We can all do well to remember that.


  1. What? No socks? Is that possible? lol! I'm glad your chickens are still alive - we have one lone survivor of a coyote attack... and she's beginning to think she's a goat!
    Glad to hear you're doing well.

    1. No socks! Still!
      Poor chickens! I'm so sorry about the coyote- but that's cool that becoming a goat is an effective coping mechanism.

      Hugs to you. Let me know if you come to town! It's been too long! Make sure you let me know when your little addition shows up!