Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wildes Meer

Drive by posting here.

I finished this little beauty the other day. The pattern is Wildes Meer by Voolenvine (have you watched Kristin's Yarngasm podcast? What am I thinking? Of course, you have...)

I used Wollmeise Lacegarn in Madame Souris which is fairly deep stash from 2013. It was nice but adding beads was a pain. The yarn has a billion small plies and the crochet hook practically shredded them so I used the flosser technique so save my sanity- sorta...

So the pattern was great. Not only well written and a beautiful finished object, but the actual pattern had amazing graphics and the layout was fantastic. I am looking forward to more of Kristin's work in the future. And I will most likely make another Wildes Meer soon!

I have another shawl blocking as I type, so maybe (HAHAHAHA) I'll post it when it is dry and ready for it's close up!

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