Friday, September 28, 2012

catching up

I love this time of year.
Minus the pollen.

But the weather? The leaves? The HOURS each day I have to myself? The productiveness? Yeah, it's all pretty great.

I've been working on a few little things before attacking the larger stuff (more on that later...) and here is a little peek.

We have this old screen door with a rip in it. It was a dumpster score (a recurring theme here!) and perfectly ok. But this tiny little rip drove me crazy and I didn't really want to re-screen the whole thing, so I pulled out some embroidery thread and did a little patch up. And then I got a little crazy...

I think it is pretty cute!

It was canning central here last week. We did tomatoes, pear butter, plain ol' pears, plum and elderberry jelly (MORE elderberries!) and probably more, but I can't remember. Preserving this food has given me peace of mind- more so than just freezing it. I think it is another zombie apocalypse fear surfacing. Freezing is fine and dandy, but what happens when the power is gone, people? Well, now we can all sit and eat some jelly. Take that, Mayans!

Spinning and knitting? Yeah. I did some of that too. I'll just throw in a couple pics- because there is too much to show and most of you guys see it all on Ravelry anyway, right?

These mitts are made from n-plyed BFL from Southern Cross Fibre. I heart them very much!

And for when it is colder I have some mittens! Once again, handspun but the fiber is from Pigeonroof Studios and is SW merino. I had to rip out the tops twice to get the shape I wanted. How very uncharacteristic of me. Usually I just throw a fit and frog them.

I'm so glad I didn't! Bring on the snow!

 This is a two ply I made from LongdrawJames' luxury fibers. It is Royal Alpaca and Polwarth. It's very cheery and I think it will make a good scarf or something for a certain little girl who is friends with another little girl who has too many scarves... and never wears them. Her dad might read this, so I'll leave it all cryptic. Plus, I'm all flighty and I'll probably forget to knit it anyway.

This, my friends, is my first try at Cheviot. It is the colorway Moonstone from Northbound Knitting. Not my favorite fiber to spin, but the yarn is a nice neutral that I can mix with something crazy in a colorwork project.

I haven't been dyeing much. I got all jazzed and then all blah. I'm still a little blah. And we've started fixing the bedroom walls and floors (ALL of them!) so that is the priority now.

Yeah... so that's all I'm reporting at this time. Have a great weekend!


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  2. I have a rip... well more than a rip ... created by a child that will remain nameless. I need to do this. Might need some help. :)

    1. There are a lot of your nameless children in this post, ya know...

      Want me to patch it up with eggplant motifs?

      I can't help it. I have to tease about the aubergine phobia. That's what Mark calls it. Sounds fancy, huh?