Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just in time...

I don't even remember when I didn't panic on the last day of the month to hurry-up-finish-the-knitting/spinning/whatever-to-turn-in-for-silly-Hogwarts-knitting-game.

It's changed my knitting. Not really for the better I'm starting to think... I say this every month. Every stinking Hogwarts term I complain about timelines and deadlines and blah blah blah. I won't change. I'll still base my knitting on classes and OWLs and I'll still bitch about it.

Moving on. Sorta.

Here is what I'm most proud of this month:
 This yarn was just washed and set tonight. It's really wet still- hence the towel. But I love it and I'm kicking ass with my n-plying. I just love stripy yarn. Which leads me to this little project-

I dyed, spun and knit these socks all relatively quickly, like, within two weeks. I love the socks. They are thick and squishy and being invested in every twist and turn makes them so much more special.

Mark brought home some metal shelves and I revamped my studio/office/mess. You can't see the stuff hidden on top, the right side and the other unit on a totally different wall, but here is pretty much all of it. It gave me panic attacks for a few days but now it's kind nice. I hope to get all the fiber yummstuff crammed into here by the end of the year. It could happen... stop laughing.

Just a little blurb for tonight. I'm really tired. If anyone has advice on dealing with an overly emotional and lonely girl please let me know so I can get some sleep. She has sobbed hysterically most of the evening over a stray dog that she thinks doesn't love her as much as she loves it.

Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters.   ~Ogden Nash

So unbelievably true. It's almost heartbreaking.


  1. I base everything around the Cup, too. I love every crazy bit of it.
    I'm jealous of that stash! If you ever want to get rid of it...;)

  2. I love it 90%. I don't love making myself crazy, but that's totally not the cup's fault! I'm so dramatic- nothing else happens in my life to warrant drama so I take what I can get. Or what I can make up!

    and HEY BOBBI!!!!! Good to see ya!

  3. I do the same thing with the Cup. You're not alone.

    Also? I'm coming to visit with an empty suitcase. DO NOT CHECK YOUR FIBRE SHELF UNTIL I'M SAFELY ON THE PLANE BACK HOME